vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Kleancolor - Classics - 6-10 - Haul

Dear readers

The first haul of Kleancolor Classics. I am crazy about these nailpolishes! Do you own Kleancolor nailpolishes? They are really cheap, but what do you think of the quality?

 Kleancolor - Classics - Aurora
 Kleancolor - Classics - Barbie Pink
 Kleancolor - Classics - Beach Blue
 Kleancolor - Classics - Bikini Green
Kleancolor - Classics - Bite Me

Judgement:Beautiful Colors: 5/5 --> 10
Original Colors: 4/5 --> 8
My Favorite Color: Aurora
Total: 9,0
Link to this collection: Click Here


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Impoverished by Polish zei

I own about 15 of these but have only worn 1 as a full mani. (Kleancolor Red Hot <3<3 ) I really love the colors and formula is pretty good. My only problem is finding it, there's only 1 store in my area that carries it (and a few places while I was in Mexico, which is pretty weird). The color selection changes every time I visit my special store, I only have 1 of the colors in this post.