woensdag 23 mei 2012

Orly - Sweet - Collection

Dear readers

When I first started with nailpolish I saw this collection from Orly. It is called Sweet and I don't think that the name could be any better. Six super sweet pastel colors. I want them all! At this moment I only own two of them. Four to go!

 Orly - Sweet - Cotton Candy
 Orly - Sweet - Gumdrop
 Orly - Sweet - Lemonade
 Orly - Sweet - Lollipop
 Orly - Sweet - Pixy Stix
 Orly - Sweet - Snowcone

The judgement I gave when I only saw the bottles was a 7,5

Beautiful Colors: 8,8
Original Colors: 5,0
Opaque: 9,7
Easy To Apply: 8,5
Easy To Remove: 10
Doesn't Chip: 8,5
Long Lasting: 8,3
Total: 8,4

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dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Essie - Summer 2010 - Haul

Dear readers

Summer summer summer! Time for another Summer collection haul! The collection names of the Essie collections are not very original, but who cares the colors are great again!

 Essie - Summer 2010 - Demure Vixen
  Essie - Summer 2010 - Haute As Hello
  Essie - Summer 2010 - Kockout Pout
  Essie - Summer 2010 - Miss Matched
  Essie - Summer 2010 - Pretty Edgy
  Essie - Summer 2010 - Vermillionaire

Beautiful Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
Original Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
My Favorite Color: Pretty Edgy
Total: 6,7

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China Glaze - Island Escape - Haul

Dear readers
Today was nice and hot! Finally really the summer feeling! My cats were so happy to go outside the whole day and me too. I remembered this China Glaze collection from last year. Perfect for today! Which one is your favorite?

 China Glaze - Island Escape - 108 Degrees
 China Glaze - Island Escape - Blue Iguana
 China Glaze - Island Escape - Cha Cha Cha
 China Glaze - Island Escape - Eletric Pineapple
 China Glaze - Island Escape - Papaya Punch
 China Glaze - Island Escape - Senorita Bonita

Beautiful Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
Original Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
My Favorite Color: Cha Cha Cha
Total: 8,3

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Konad - Image Plates - M16-M20 - Haul

Dear reader

It is some time ago I blogged something about Konad. Time for some image plates! I still love the system and I can't wait to try all the image plates. The five I want to show you today are all in my collection. I especcialy like the french manicure plate, because with that thing I can make pretty french manicures that I couldn't make before. Thank you Konad!

 Konad - Image Plate - M16
 Konad - Image Plate - M17
 Konad - Image Plate - M18
 Konad - Image Plate - M19
 Konad - Image Plate - M20

Beautiful Images: 50/52 --> 9,6
Original Images: 44/52 --> 8,5
My Favorite Image Plate: M19
Total: 9,1

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maandag 21 mei 2012

Zoya - Sparkle - Mimi

Dear readers

Mimi was one of the first nailpolishes of Zoya that was on my wishlist, well it is still on my wishlist.. I don't know why I never bought it.. somehow I always thought that others were more intersting, but I have to say Mimi is one of the greatest nailpolishes and next time I buy nailpolish, Mimi will be one of them!

Name: Mimi
Collection: Sparkle
Brand: Zoya
Color: Purple

Finish: Shimmer
Volume: 15 ml
Amount of coats: 2
Link to product: Click

Beautiful: 10
Opaque: 8
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 7
Doesn't Chip: 9
Long Lasting: 9
Total: 8,7

Milani - Color Fiesta - Haul

Dear readers

Wow today was a great day with alot of sun! I love it so much. I am totally ready for the summer. The next collection is a true summer collection and the cremes and shimmers make you look al shiny and happy!

 Milani - Color Fiesta - Breezy
 Milani - Color Fiesta - Electric Pink
 Milani - Color Fiesta - Good Morning Sunshine
 Milani - Color Fiesta - Juicy Gio
 Milani - Color Fiesta - Wild Violet

Beautiful Colors: 4/5 --> 8,0
Original Colors: 2/5 --> 4,0
My Favorite Color: Wild Violet
Total: 6,0

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Color Club - Electro Candy - Tangerine Scream

Dear readers

Wow I love orange so much. It is between yellow, super happy, and red, chic. Tangerine Scream is also very happy and wild and it is in the picture a neon, but on the nails it is a little bit softer. I love the bright color with the flash in it. What do you think of the Electro Candy collection? Do you own Tangerine Scream?

Name: Tangerine Scream
Collection: Electro Candy
Brand: Color Club
Color: Orange, silver

Finish: Shimmer, neon
Volume: 15 ml
Amount of coats: 3
Link to product: Click

Beautiful Color: 9
Opaque: 8
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 8
Doesn't Chip: 9
Long Lasting: 8
Total: 8,5

Essie - Resort Collection 2011 - Haul

Dear readers

This is such a nice collection, again, from Essie. Lately I am really into the colors from Essie. They are a little more expensive, but it is worth in my opinion.
Essie - Resort Collection 2011 - Da Bush
Essie - Resort Collection 2011 - Fair Game
Essie - Resort Collection 2011 - Loin Around
Essie - Resort Collection 2011 - Your Hut Or Mine

Beautiful Colors: 4/4 --> 10
Original Colors: 4/4 --> 10
My Favorite Color: Fair Game
Total: 10

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China Glaze - Ecollection - Haul

Dear readers

Yesterday we were searching for the perfect holiday. There are two options left: Morocco or Madeira (Portugal). What would be your choice?

 China Glaze - Ecollection - Hybrid
 China Glaze - Ecollection - Recycle
 China Glaze - Ecollection - Shower Together
 China Glaze - Ecollection - Solar Power
 China Glaze - Ecollection - Tree Hugger
 China Glaze - Ecollection - Unplugged

Beautiful Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
Orignal Colors: 3/6 --> 5,0
My Favorite Color: Recycle
Total: 5,9

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