dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Misa - Paradise Shore - Haul

Dear readers

The summer is coming up and I can't wait for the great weather! To start the summer feeling you really need this collection from Misa. It is called Paradise Shore. Six amazing summer colors.

 Misa - Paradise Shore - Endless Keys
 Misa - Paradise Shore - Krystal Water
 Misa - Paradise Shore - Mega Margarita
 Misa - Paradise Shore - Mermaid Dreams
 Misa - Paradise Shore - Summer Love
 Misa - Paradise Shore - Under Mu Sunberella

Beautiful Colors: 6/6 --> 10
Original Colors: 3/6 --> 5
My Favorite Color: Mega Margarita
Total: 7,5

Link to this collection: Click

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