maandag 21 mei 2012

Color Club - Electro Candy - Tangerine Scream

Dear readers

Wow I love orange so much. It is between yellow, super happy, and red, chic. Tangerine Scream is also very happy and wild and it is in the picture a neon, but on the nails it is a little bit softer. I love the bright color with the flash in it. What do you think of the Electro Candy collection? Do you own Tangerine Scream?

Name: Tangerine Scream
Collection: Electro Candy
Brand: Color Club
Color: Orange, silver

Finish: Shimmer, neon
Volume: 15 ml
Amount of coats: 3
Link to product: Click

Beautiful Color: 9
Opaque: 8
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 8
Doesn't Chip: 9
Long Lasting: 8
Total: 8,5

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Anoniem zei

It's so bright, love it!!