dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Konad - Image Plates - M16-M20 - Haul

Dear reader

It is some time ago I blogged something about Konad. Time for some image plates! I still love the system and I can't wait to try all the image plates. The five I want to show you today are all in my collection. I especcialy like the french manicure plate, because with that thing I can make pretty french manicures that I couldn't make before. Thank you Konad!

 Konad - Image Plate - M16
 Konad - Image Plate - M17
 Konad - Image Plate - M18
 Konad - Image Plate - M19
 Konad - Image Plate - M20

Beautiful Images: 50/52 --> 9,6
Original Images: 44/52 --> 8,5
My Favorite Image Plate: M19
Total: 9,1

Link to this collection: Click

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