woensdag 28 december 2011

Zoya - Flash - Haul

Dear readers

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year and I hope you enjoyed christmas as much as I did. It was the first time together with my boyfriend and our families and it was the best! I can not wait for next year!

You noticed that because of my last exam plus the holidays I have to write still 9 posts in december :) so this is number one. But I go to Maastricht (in the south of the Netherlands) to my friend who moved there since last summer. I am really happy to see her again, because I just miss her when she is not around at the university anymore. But she is doing a study she really likes and that is the most important!

Today I have this wonderful collection of Zoya for you. As far I only tried Dana and I hated it! Yes.. I was surprised too! The color is absolutely my thing, but the structure... it was horrible! I just hope and pray that it is only a bad bottle.... Do you have experiences with this collection, because I love the colors?! 

 Zoya - Flash - Dana
 Zoya - Flash - Jancyn
 Zoya - Flash - Jolene
 Zoya - Flash - Maura
 Zoya - Flash - Perrie
Zoya - Flash - Robyn

Beautiful Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
Original Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
My Favorite Color: Robyn
Total: 7,5
Link to this collection: Click Here

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