maandag 28 november 2011

Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Haul

Dear readers

When I started with nailpolish I tried out 2 colors of Color Club and I have to say, I wasn't thrilled.. it was even worse I was disappointed.. Because it wasn't what I expected. When I started my webshop I select different kind of brands that match with my perception of quality. Color Club was also on the list, because alot of bloggers are very happy with this brand, so I decided to buy some more to try them out and you know what... I liked it! The colors I had in the first place where Wild & Willing and Puccilicious. The first one just requires a few coats and the second dries matte and I wasn't used to that in the begining. So my conclusion is that I really like Color Club now and there are many of their colors on my wishlist. The glitters below are all on the wishlist these are just wonderful!
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Art Of Seduction
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Magic Attraction
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Object Of Envy
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Sex Symbol
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Sexy Siren
 Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Sultry Diva
Color Club - Glitter Vixen - Tru Passion

Beautiful Colors: 7/7 --> 10
Original Colors: 4/7 --> 5,7
My Favorite Color: Magic Attraction
Total: 7,9

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Miranda zei

I've got 2 of these, Magic Attraction and Tru Passion and I really like them!!