dinsdag 8 november 2011

Zoya - Sunshine - Apple

Dear readers

Whaaaa it is soooo great! I get a wonderfull opportunity to promote my webshop on a christmas fair here in the center of my city! You can't just sign up and go, they have to ask you and they did! *dancing* :p I can't wait! But it is going to be so much fun and it will be great I am sure about that!

Because I am so happy I want to show you a summer color today. This is seriously the best green glitter nailpolish ever! Green and gold are you kidding me? :D

Zoya - Sunshine - Apple
2 coats

Beautiful Color: 10
Opaque: 8
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 7
Doesn't Chip: 9
Long Lasting: 9
Total: 8,7

Link to this nailpolish: Click Here


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