dinsdag 15 november 2011

Konad - Image Plate - M56

Dear readers

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will start a nice giveaway with my favorite colors! Make sure you check this giveaway tomorrow!
A less nice thing is that I have to do a presentation in English tomorrow for the first time, and to be honest it isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still I am a little nervous. So I can't wait to come home and start hosting my next giveaway! :D

I am changing some stuff on my website, the shop, because I hate it when you buy a nailpolish and just have to hope that it is what you like. A few months ago I started with swatches and there are more and more swatches already online, but I thought it wasn't enough. So I am working on the product discription. Normally there would only be a explaination of the color, but now I will tell (if I know) how many coats you need, if it is a glitter I give a little piece of advice it is works great nude, over dark or over light basis colors and if I blogged about it there will be a link. I also show which color is choosen as most popular color by my followers. You can vote every two weeks for your favorite color! I hope my customers get a better idea before the buy. Let me know your reactions, they are welcome!

The image plate I want to show you today belongs in my list of favorites! I looooovvvee french manicure, but not just the boring white, no no, just the funky french manicures and what is better for this kind of manicure than hearts, blocks, swirls and bows? :D

Konad - Image Plate - M56
Over: China Glaze - Ecollection - Tree Hugger
Stamp: Konad - Stamp Polish 10 ml - Green

Beautiful Images: 6/6 --> 10
Original Images: 5/6 --> 8,3
My Favorite Image: The bow in the middle
Total: 9,2

Link to this image plate: Click Here


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