maandag 30 januari 2012

Color Club - Wicked Sweet - Get Your Lem-On

Dear readers

Wicked Sweet is a successful collection of Color Club last year. They are interesting because all the colors are bright and the smell like something nice.

You know I love bright neon colors, but Get Your Lem-On is a little too much for me. Maybe it is because it doesn't work so well with my skincolor. But it is really really greenish yellow which is definately special and original. It also has a green glow. So if you like this weird crazy kinda yellows this one is a must!

Color Club - Wicked Sweet - Get Your Lem-On
4 coats

Beautiful Color: 4
Opaque: 4
Easy To Apply: 8
Easy To Remove: 7
Doesn't Chip: 8
Long Lasting: 7
Total: 6,3

Link to this nailpolish: Click Here


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