zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Zoya - Flourish - Haul

Dear readers

I am busy with my last part of my study and it is incredibly busy. The assignment is very interesting but we work pratical night and day to finish it. This is the first time in three weeks that I can breath a little. I missed blogging so much, so the first thing I am going to do is to write the articles of january. Next friday I have my last exam and the week after I start with my internship, but I will have more time to blog :D.

 Zoya - Flourish - Cyma
 Zoya - Flourish - Kalista
 Zoya - Flourish - Mieko
 Zoya - Flourish - Richelle
 Zoya - Flourish - Shivon
Zoya - Flourish - Zara

Beautiful Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
Original Colors: 6/6 --> 10,0
My Favorite Color: Zara
Total: 8,4

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