woensdag 1 augustus 2012

China Glaze - Anchors Away - Knotty

Dear readers

Since saturday I live together with my boyfriend. It is great and I love being together with him all the time. It is a complete new phase in my life and it is great. The cats are still a little confused, but they feel better every day. It exactly three weeks our pup is coming. Also very exciting. Plus today I started with my new study Psychology. Everything is zo exciting. An other great thing is that now I live here and everything is settled down I have more time to blog!

Starting with Knotty. I totally loved this shade and the fine shimmer in it. I believe it is a great nailpolish, but the color of your skin is very important with this one. For example, for me this is not a great color. It is somehow to close to my skintone and it looks weird. But it is really a nailpolish to try out, because if you have a good match it might be gorgeous and subtle.

Name: Knotty
Collection: Anchors Away
Brand: China Glaze
Color: Beige
Finish: Glass fleck shimmer
Volume: 14 ml
Amount of coats: 3
Link to product: Click

Beautiful: 5
Opaque: 6
Easy To Apply: 7
Easy To Remove: 5
Doesn't Chip: 8
Long Lasting: 8
Total: 6,5

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