maandag 13 augustus 2012

Color Club - Untamed Luxury - Positively Posh

Dear readers

Kloenie, our labrador retriever pup, is coming home between the 20th and the 24th of august. We are so excited! Do you own dogs or other pets?

Today I have Positively Posh for you. It is a pretty brown creme. Nothing more or less, but it is for a simple brown creme a pretty one.

Name: Positively Posh
Collection: Untamed Luxury
Brand: Color Club
Color: Brown
Finish: Creme
Volume: 15 ml
Amount of coats: 2
Link to product: Click

Beautiful: 7
Opaque: 8
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 9
Doesn't Chip: 7
Long Lasting: 7
Total: 7,8

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