woensdag 24 augustus 2011

China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Haul

Hi girls

Ok I found out that more people who use blogger has problems with placing their articles. I hope they found out soon what the problem is so I can fix my articles.

Today I want to show you a China Glaze haul, but there are so many collections, so where to start.. I thought I start with a new collection and in the next posts I go back in the future.

I don't like crackle nailpolishes to be honest, it's not that I hate them. It's just that I like to see the crackling happen on the nail and when it is dry and finished I don't think it is nice on me. But I know alot of people are crazy for these colors. When I look in my shop the crackles are always so fast sold!

Ok we will check the bottles right now, oh and by the way, I have to admit that the colors in the bottles are lovely!

China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Cracked Medallion
China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Haute Metal
China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Latticed Lilac
China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Oxidized Aqua
China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Platinum Pieces
China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Tarnished Gold

Beautiful Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
Original Colors: 3/6 --> 5
My Favorite Color: Platinum Pieces
Total: 6,7

Link to this collection: Click

2 opmerkingen:

sonidlo zei

I like the new blog, its design is better I think and I like the pictures of the bottles!

Melanie zei

Thank you Sonidlo :) I totally agree. That is the reason I started a whole new blog, because everything is different now and I learned alot of my first blog, but now I want to start with all that knowledge right from the begining :)