dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Haul

Dear readers

I am a step closer to reality. Like I told you yesterday I have this wild idea that didn't happen before in The Netherlands, or not as far as I know and heard. If it is going to work out... oohh I would be so happy and proud! :D But I still can't tell anything yet... but I want to tell you everything... but not yet.. wait till the time is right.

In the maintime I have a new haul today. It is a delicious collection from Nubar. Personally I love Nubar because they have original colors and ideas. Ofcourse they have the Duochromes, but there are way more collection and not everyone is familiar with these so I want to put them in the spotlight. So here we have the Chocolate Truffles collection and believe me.. When I tried them on.. it was like liquid chocolate on my nails! These chocolate brown colors are great for the fall and the winter. Let's take a look at this gorgeous collection.

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Cherry Cordial

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate Caramel

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate Coffee Bean

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Milk Chocolate Cream

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Raspberry Truffle

Nubar - Chocolate Truffles - Swiss Chocolate

Beautiful Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
Original Colors: 3/6 --> 5
My Favorite: Chocolate Coffee Bean
Total: 6,7

Link to this collection: Click Here


5 opmerkingen:

Biba zei

These look gorgeous!

Melanie zei

The swatches are even better :D I can't wait to show them

Anoniem zei

These look awesome. I can't wait to see swatches!

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ zei

Hiya! Now following your blog :) I am not a fan of brown nail polish but some of these look gorgeous! xo

Melanie zei

Me neither, but this collection is very nice actually. :)