zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

Essie - Art Of Spring - Haul

Dear readers

Yesterday and today I can swatch all day. I got 247 nailpolishes of my own that I need to do, but I just like it to do. It's alot of work, but it is fun and it is nice for my shop and my blog so why not :) I will also swatch every local brand color, because it is very hard to find swatches of them. But today I will keep it classy. The brand I will show is Essie and the first thing I think about when it coms to this brand is classic colors and very soft pinks. But Essie has many many more than that! One thing that I think is only a little strange.. the names of their collections are very boring. Like 'Fall 2009', 'Fall 2010', 'Fall 2011'... They have always very beautiful promotion pictures, with a nice line, but that is not the name of the collection right? Well I don't really care, but it would be nicer if they had matching names with the colors. The collection of today has got a nice name: Art Of Spring. Six cute spring colors.

Essie - Art Of Spring - Lilacism

Essie - Art Of Spring - Neo-Whimsical

Essie - Art Of Spring - Pop Art Pink

Essie - Art Of Spring - Red Nouveau

Essie - Art Of Spring - Tart Deco

Essie - Art Of Spring - Van D'Go

Beautiful Colors: 4/6 --> 6,7
Original Colors: 3/6 --> 5
My Favorite Color: Lilacism
Total: 5,9

Link to the collection: click here


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