maandag 22 augustus 2011

My New Blog

Hi everyone

I hope that I can welcome all the followers of http://www.melaniesnailpolish.blogspot.com/ and ofcourse alot new followers on my new blog. This will be the official blog of The Color Palette. At this moment I own a webshop and my previous blog didn't fit my new ideas anymore and I thought it would be one big mess when I changed that one. So this is the new and hopefully better one. New adress is http://www.thecolorpaletteblog.blogspot.com/.

Oke I will explain first what I am going to offer and show you here. The first change is that it will be in English only, because it takes alot of time to write it in both Dutch and English. I'm very sorry for the Dutch followers who liked to read it in Dutch.

The second change is that I make my pictures different. I have way better equipment to make the photos of the bottles and the swatches. I personally think they are way way way better then before, but you can create your opinion soon enough.

The third change is that I will show you hauls of collections and individual nailpolishes. Ofcourse I will also show you swatches of the collections and individual nailpolishes. If there is an review about a collection I will judge it as one and if you want to know what my thoughts are about the individual nailpolishes you can search for them on the right side. I will label every post so it is easier for you to find. Maybe you've already heard about it, but ofcourse I don't own every nailpolish, I swatch every nailpolish that I sell in my shop (only one per color) and sell these baby's for reduced prices. If you are interested you can find them here. By the way, all the other nailpolishes are brand new. The goal is to swatch all the collections from every brand I sell. The brands I sell at this moment are: BB Couture, China Glaze, Color Club, Essie, Konad, Milani, Nubar, Orly and Zoya. And I am busy with 7 or 8 other brands! So this place is going to be my big library of reviews and swatches. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

But there are also things that stay the same. First you can check out my collection and my wishlist. A very interesting tab is the 'readers opinion', here you can find what the favorite colors of my readers are! And I will try to keep up with the current giveaways ofcourse once in a while I will host my own giveaway so don't forget to check it! If you have questions, comments, ideas or do you want me to reviews your products you can always e-mail me. If you are Dutch you can write in Dutch ofcourse no problem.

I am very excited because I blogged for more then a year now and I learned alot of things and I hope I can use that knowlegde know to make this one better. I am always very happy to read comments so don't be shy and let me know what you think. I always read them, and I will try to reply. If you have an urgent question of comment, just e-mail me that way I am much faster.

Well this first post is pretty long but it has all the information you have got to know. Tell all your friends about it and when the first 100 followers signed up there will be a giveaway! I hope you will enjoy it.

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Biba zei

I follow you here now :)

Melanie zei

Thanks Biba :)

Ice Queen zei

I followed you over. :D Enjoy your new blog.

Melanie zei

Hi Ice Queen good to see you back here :)

Cali369 zei

I'm following too! Good luck with the new blog