zondag 28 augustus 2011

China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Tarnished Gold

Dear readers

I have one week left of my summer holiday. Well.. It supposed to be summer.. I really miss the sun.. Yesterday I made 12 swatches and 12 konadicures :) and I will go on the next week so I have as much as swatches available before everything starts. At this moment you have to 'search' for the swatches in my shop, but I promise, that every product that can be swatcht will get one. What do you think? I think it looks good and complete.

At this moment already 33 followers, still 67 to go ;) tick tock tick

Today I will show you another Metal Crackle nailpolish from China Glaze, Tarnished Gold. I was really thinking over which color I would use it. In the end I choose for Essie - Fall 2010 - Little Brown Dress, which one is just completely gorgeous brown :) but that is for another time. Let's take a look.

China Glaze - Metal Crackle - Tarnished Gold
1 coat
Over: Essie - Fall 2010 - Little Brown Dress

Beautiful Color: 5
Opaque: 9
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 9
Doesn't Chip: 9
Long Lasting: 7
Total: 8

Link to this nailpolish: click here


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