maandag 29 augustus 2011

Milani - Neon - Haul

Dear readers

I am really really excited.. but the terrible thing is I really can't say anything about it. When it is possible I will tell you ofcourse. Until then I try to keep myself a little bit calm ;) because there is a change that it doesn't workout the way I want..

Good back to the reality. It's an important post today. It's about Milani - Neon and maybe you already know but if you don't I want to warn you. These neons are nice colors, althrough not all of them are really neons, but the worse part is the bottles. The are colored and you can't look inside. Until there no problem yet, but the thing is that the color on the bottle absolutely don't match with the nailpolish inside. At this moment I tried Fresh Teal, Pink Rocks! and Totally 80's and all three were alot different then I though. I like the colors, but if you think that you are buying the color of the bottle then you are so wrong. That is why I will post the swatches on my website as soon as I have them and please check them before you buy or maybe you will get disappointed. To make my point: I love the colors of the nailpolish but the bottles just suck :)

Milani - Neon - Awesome Orange

Milani - Neon - Dude Blue

Milani - Neon - Fresh Teal

Milani - Neon - Pink Hottie

Milani - Neon - Pink Rocks!

Milani - Neon - Purple Rad

Milani - Neon - Techno Red

Milani - Neon - Totally 80's

Beautiful Colors: 5/8 --> 6,3
Original Colors: 4/8 --> 5
My Favorite Color: Fresh Teal
Total: 5,7

Link to this collection: Click Here


2 opmerkingen:

OPI Addict zei

I hate Milani bottles! That's really strange for a polish bottle to be coloured, makes you wonder what they are hiding inside!

Melanie zei

@OPI Addict Yes, the first time I saw them I was so surprised, but even more surprised when I found out that the color inside is so different! The colors inside are very nice, but you can't see it at all :s I really wonder why on earth Milani did this..
All the other collections of Milani has just normal glass bottles.