woensdag 8 februari 2012

Orly - Cosmic FX - Collection

Dear readers

This is the third day of my internship and I am so excited and today I had this meeting with my lecture of the university and now she is excited too! How cool is that?! It is going to be a very large research, but it is going to be so great with alot of new experiences!

Today I have the collection of Cosmic FX from Orly of you all together so the swatches are easy to find back. This is one of the greatest fall collections of all times. Love love love!
Orly - Cosmic FX - Galaxy Girl
2 coats
Orly - Cosmic FX - Halley's Comet
2 coats
Orly - Cosmic FX - It's Not Rocket Science
2 coats
Orly - Cosmic FX - Lunar Eclipse
2 coats
Orly - Cosmic FX - Out Of This World
2 coats
Orly - Cosmic FX - Space Cadet
2 coats

The judgement I gave when I only saw the bottles was a 8,4
Judgement:Beautiful: 8,2
Original Colors: 6,7
Opaque: 7,3
Easy To Apply: 8,0
Easy To Remove: 5,3
Doesn't Chip: 8,5
Long Lasting: 8,2
Total: 7,5

Link to this collection: Click Here


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