zondag 5 februari 2012

Essie - Winter 2011 - Haul

Dear readers

Essie is one of my favorite brands, because the quality is so great of their nailpolishes and the colors they make are so pretty and classy. It doesn't matter that they start making blues and greens, it is still classy. They are a little more expensive compared to other brands, but it is worth it.

Be sure you come back later this day, because today, in my next post, I will start a new giveaway!

 Essie - Winter 2011 - Bangle Jangle
  Essie - Winter 2011 - Bobbing For Baubles
  Essie - Winter 2011 - Brooch The Subject
  Essie - Winter 2011 - Cocktail Bling
  Essie - Winter 2011 - School Of Hard Rock
 Essie - Winter 2011 - Size Matters

Beautiful Colors: 5/6 --> 8,3
Original Colors: 6/6 --> 10,0
My Favorite Color: Bangle Jangle
Total: 9,2
Link to this collection: Click Here


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melitta zei

I've never tried them before, but they look so great! My fav is School of hard rock.