donderdag 16 februari 2012

Orly - Tiki Time - Haul

Dear readers

Well the snow is gone and the temperature is much better. Which makes me want to bring the summer already back again! A nice collection to start with that is the Tiki Time collection from Orly.
 Orly - Tiki Time - Calypso Blue
 Orly - Tiki Time - Mint Mojito
 Orly - Tiki Time - Sol Cabana
Orly - Tiki Time - Teeny Bikini

Judgement:Beautiful Colors: 3/4 --> 7,5
Original Colors: 3/4 --> 7,5
My Favorite Color: Mint Mojito
Total: 7,5
Link to this collection: Click Here


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melitta zei

these colors are so cheerful :)