zondag 18 september 2011

China Glaze - Poolside - Haul

Dear readers

In The Netherlands it is the whole day sunny - sky full clouds - sunny - sky full clouds and if I look outside.. it is going to rain today.. It reminds me how fast I have to be with all the summer nailpolishes that I still want to show! Today I want to show my all time favorite collection: China Glaze - Poolside. These are really really neon and opaque. I own 4 of these myself right now but I would love to buy Kiwi Coolada too.

For the people who wanted to know what the color in my banner is it is Pool Party.

China Glaze - Poolside - Flip Flop Fantasy

China Glaze - Poolside - Kiwi Coolada

China Glaze - Poolside - Pool Party

China Glaze - Poolside - Sun Worshiper

China Glaze - Poolside - Towel Boy Toy

China Glaze - Poolside - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Beautiful Colors: 6/6  --> 10
Original Colors: 4/6  --> 6,7
My Favorite Color: Flip Flop Fantasy
Total: 8,4

Link to this collection: Click Here


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