zaterdag 10 september 2011

Milani - One Coat Glitter - Haul

Dear readers

Today I have been promoting my sport, ritmic gymnastics, in my hometown. The sun was shining and there were alot of people to watch! Very good, now we hope ofcourse some of them will visited our courses. But I am a little tired right now, so I will write this post, take a shower and take a little nap.

Today I want to focus on Milani - One Coat Glitter. Personally I didn't believed that it would really work. It is that I want  my whole nail completely covered in glitters, but otherwise yes one coat is enough. Very nice nailpolishes.

Milani - One Coat Glitter - Blue Flash

Milani - One Coat Glitter - Gold Glitz

Milani - One Coat Glitter - Purple Gleam

Milani - One Coat Glitter - Red Sparkle
Milani - Once Coat Glitter - Silver Dazzle

Beautiful Colors: 4/5 -->8
Original Colors: 3/5 --> 6
Total: 7

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2 opmerkingen:

Ivana zei

I've Purple Gleam and 1 coat doesn't work for me, it need more to achieve a perfecty opacity though.

Melanie zei

I tried Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle so far and yes I also used more coats for perfect opacity, but I have never seen a glitter that is so compact and opaque in 1 coat as these bottles.