donderdag 15 september 2011

Orly - Sweet - Haul

Dear readers

Oke there are coming up 10 more Essie collections and I am starting to sell the Essie Classics. There are almost 300 Essie classics so it will take some time to get them all in my shop but the begining is there. I expect them in 1 or 2 weeks.

Also 4 new collections of BB Couture, these will be here in like a month.

The Milani holographic nailpolishes will be here in like a week and I also start to sell their classics.

And there is a new brand coming up... so keep checking my blog or my webshop if you want to know which one it is :)

There is a new question! This time it is about the China Glaze - Pink In Paris collection, let me know which one is your favorite!

I hate it that the summer is almost over.. and here in The Netherlands it wasn't really like a summer with everyday sun... so it feels already like fall.. last week it was just raining and raining.. if you told me it was november I believed you...
But well it is still summer on my nails and that is why I would like to show you some very sweet and populair colors from Orly. I know it is a spring collection, but the colors are happy and bright so I wear them also in the summer. Which ones do you own?

Orly - Sweet - Cotton Candy

Orly - Sweet - Gumdrop

Orly - Sweet - Lemonade

Orly - Sweet - Lollipop

Orly - Sweet - Pixy Stix

Orly - Sweet - Snowcone

Beautiful Colors: 6/6 --> 10
Original Colors: 3/6 --> 5
My Favorite Color: Pixy Stix
Total: 7,5

Link to this collection: Click Here


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