zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Color Club - Alter Ego - Haul

Dear readers

Today I am busy with reading some articles for my study and I am starting to make a summary. But I work the best if I do many things at the same time. So I am reading, writing, painting my nails, taking pictures, working on my website and writing this post :)

Let's take a look at todays haul: Color Club - Alter Ego. I like the concept of a good side and a dark side. Yes it really worked out pretty nice.

 Color Club - Alter Ego - Alias
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Alter Ego
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Get A Clue
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Give Me A Hint
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Incognito
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Masquerading
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Revealed
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Secret Agent
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Secret Rendezvous
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Sheer Disguise
 Color Club - Alter Ego - Total Mystery
Color Club - Alter Ego - Ulterior Motive

Beautiful Colors: 8/12 --> 6,7
Original Colors: 5/12 --> 4,2
My Favorite Color: Get A Clue
Total: 5,5

Link to this collection: Click Here


2 opmerkingen:

Biba zei

Great collection!

Melanie zei

Some colors are very pretty, others are not really my style. But overall it is good in my opinion :)