zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Milani - Neon - Totally 80's

Dear readers

Short post today, because I have to go within a minute :) I love the name of this one and I have to say, I am always a little anxious about yellow nailpolishes. I love Happy Go Lucky (China Glaze), but I was curious. The effect wasn't as neon as I hoped, but as a yellow it is fine.

Milani - Neon - Totally 80's
4 coats

Beautiful Color: 6
Opaque: 3
Easy To Apply: 7
Easy To Remove: 8
Doesn't Chip: 6
Long Lasting: 5
Total: 5,8

Link to this nailpolish: Click Here


2 opmerkingen:

Miranda zei

I wish I could wear yellow, but it just looks weird on me. Hate that!

Melanie zei

Totally agree. But if there is a yellow that match with my skincolor it is great :) especially with some nice flower stamps or something :)