dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Orly - Cosmic FX - It's Not Rocket Science

Dear readers

Wow there we so much people who entered my giveaway! I am still busy with sending everyone their Giveaway Coupon. But there are some who forgot to enter their emailadress and others entered it wrong and I get their emails back. So if you did enter on time (some didn't) and you didn't received an e-mail from me, please contact me so I can still give you your coupon.

Jeej! After alot of days promoting new products and my giveaway I can finally blog about what I like most: Nailpolish! :)

Today I have a gorgeous (ok, I love it, but I can understand if some people just don't) Orly for you guys! The glowing sparkling It's Not Rocket Science!

Orly - Cosmic FX - It's Not Rocket Science
2 coats

Beautiful Color: 9
Opaque: 7
Easy To Apply: 8
Easy To Remove: 5
Doesn't Chip: 8
Long Lasting: 7
Total: 7,3

Link to this nailpolish: Click Here


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