donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Milani - Neon - Fresh Teal

Dear readers

Ok you will never hear me say that I write something that is 'not important', but today.. this is really really important! Well just take a look at the pictures and you know why. First let me be clear: I love Milani. I like the shape of their bottles and their brushes. Everything is fine, but... The neon collection has colored bottles. You can't look through them, that sucks because you can't see how much you still got let and you can't see the actual color. And then you buy it and you just hope for the best and when I see this bottle it would be more green than blue and pretty dark... Well I put it on my nails and I was literally shocked. I couldn't believe that this came out of this green bottle. It was a beautiful bright blue/turquoise! Even better than the color of the bottle, but still... If you bought it for that color... you won't get is.

So please everyone who would like to buy Milani: Check swatches first!

The quality is great and I love this one, now, but these bottles really bother me.

Milani - Neon - Fresh Teal
1 coat

Beautiful Color: 8
Opaque: 10
Easy To Apply: 9
Easy To Remove: 10
Doesn't Chip: 7
Long Lasting: 7
Total: 8,5

Link to this nailpolish: Click Here


4 opmerkingen:

LeeAnnStoner zei

I had no idea the bottles were colored! Wow, good to know. Will definitely check out swatches, as you suggested, if I decide I want to get any of these. Thanks for the heads up.

WildHeart zei

I only have one of these, Rad Purple, so until your post I didn't pay it any mind...but that IS annoying! Bad idea, Milani. They haven't done that since this collection, so that's a good thing. ;)
I LOVE your blog! Your rating system is great, very informative. Love, love LOVE that you list your personal collection; I wish every blogger did that!
Keep up the cool blog!

WildHeart zei

I have only one Milani neon, Rad Purple, so until your post the opaque bottles didn't even register with me...ANNOYING. Milani hasn't released any other polish in opaque bottles, so that's good.
I checked out your blog from the link on Lextard's, and I LOVE it! the rating system you use is very informative. Luv, love, LOVE that you list your personal collection; I wish every blogger did that. Cool !!!

Melanie zei

@LeeAnn Stoner I didn't know it until I got them for my store and I really like like: huh.. what happened to these :s and then in the first place you think that the color of the bottle is representing the color inside.. really I wonder why Milani did this :(

@Wildheart We totally agree! I really hoped that they don't do this ever again with new bottles.
Thank you souch for your credits! So sweet!