woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Zoya - Touch - Haul

Dear readers

Well I think you know that I am totally into wild outstanding colors so I wasn't really impressed when Zoya came up with this nude collection. I sell it in my webshop, but well I wasn't really interested myself. But I could test a few Zoyas and I thought I need to know how this looks like, because they are not really special in my eyes, but some people are going wild. I tried Pandora first, I was totally in love! This is so pretty! Unbelievable! It is very delicate and sooo opaque! Really they may not look like the cool neons, but these are absolutely worth trying! Zoya did it again :)

 Zoya - Touch - Minka
 Zoya - Touch - Pandora
Zoya - Touch - Shay

Beautiful Colors: 2/3 --> 6,7
Original Colors: 3/3 --> 10
My Favorite Color: Pandora
Total: 8,4

Link to this collection: Click Here


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