dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Konad - Image Plate - M06

Dear readers

I am not sure if it is all over the world, but in The Netherlands we celebrate 'Dierendag' (animalsday). I have two lovely cats so they got presents and candy and I bought some candy for the cat of my boyfriend. Well ofcourse Toulouse (my red cat) didn't like the candy so he got some yoghurt and now he is happy too.

Today I want to show you the first Konad Swatch. It is hard to find swatches of just the plates, not real designs, but just a swatch so you can see how most of the pictures look on the nail. I start today with image plate M06.

Konad - Image Plate - M06
Over: Essie - Art Of Spring - Tart Deco
Stamp: Konad - Stamping Polish 10ml - Dark Red

Beautiful Images: 4/7 --> 5,7
Original Images: 5/7 --> 7,1
My Favorite Image: The flower on my ring finger
Total: 6,4

Link to this Image Plate: Click Here


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