zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Zoya - Touch - Collection

Dear readers

This post is about the whole Zoya - Touch collection. I wasn't impressed at first but when I tried them I loved them. Even Minka who match not so well with my skincolor. You look for nude? Go Zoya - Touch!

Zoya - Touch - Minka
1 coats
Zoya - Touch - Pandora
2 coats
Zoya - Touch - Shay
2 coat

The judgement I gave when I only saw the bottles was a 8,4

Beautiful: 7,3
Original Colors: 10
Opaque: 9,3
Easy To Apply: 10
Easy To Remove: 10
Doesn't Chip: 8,0
Long Lasting: 7,3
Total:  8,8

Link to this collection: Click Here


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