donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Konad - Image Plate - M10

Dear readers

Yesterday there was a little bit of sunshine and I was hoping for some more today. But it was raining so much that I was soaking wet in just 2 minutes. The train was 20 minutes late well great the fall really started here in The Netherlands :) The only really good thing is my birthday :p

Today it is time for Konad! Image Plate M10 is really cute. I think the paws are really cute and I bought it for this picture only, but the others are fun too.

Konad - Image Plate - M10
Over: Nubar - Cleopatra - Sphinx Purple
Stamp: Konad - Stamp Polish 10 ml - White

Beautiful Images: 3/7 --> 4,3
Original Images: 6/7 --> 8,6
My Favorite: The paws on my pinky
Total: 6,5

Link to this image plate: Click Here