maandag 3 oktober 2011

Nubar - Cleopatra - Haul

Dear readers

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Today the new course started and it is pretty interesting, better than the last one :)
This weekend was jsut great, saturday we celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Kirsten and sunday I went to the beach with my boyfriend, great weekend!

Today the sun is gone... so back to the fall nailpolishes! Well... It is a spring collection, but in my opinion alot of these colors would perfectly fit with the colors of the fall. Well anyway, let's check them out.

 Nubar - Cleopatra - Hieroglyphs Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Isis Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Nile Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Passionate Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Pharaoh Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Pyramid Purple
 Nubar - Cleopatra - Sphinx Purple
Nubar - Cleopatra - Toga Purple

Beautiful Colors: 7/8 --> 8,8
Original Colors: 5/8 --> 6,3
My Favorite Color: Isis Purple
Total: 7,6

Link to this collection: Click Here


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